Monday, April 1, 2013



Consider this when you are on that proverbial calorie counting clock. Ticking away with every stride on the treadmill, every revolution of a pedal, or, more importantly during the commercial breaks of the show you choose to watch during your cardio session. The amount of calories you burn during one hour of steady state cardio(jogging, walking etc at a steady pace) can easily be consumed with one glass of juice. If calorie burn is the battle you choose to fight, you chose a losing battle. Unless you plan to fight for eight hours a day and eat bird food for the rest of your life, you need a more efficient system. The goal of your training program shouldn't be chasing sensations or a perceived workout. ie: Calorie burn or sweating. If you think that breaking a sweat is an indicator of great training, I challenge you to sit in the hot sun fully clothed without moving a muscle for one hour and see how wet you are. The goal of any program for an individual with limited time to workout(anyone who doesn't get paid to workout) should be to promote adaptations in the body that makes the bodies metabolic system function more efficiently when the body IS NOT WORKING OUT(or the other 23 hours of your day!!!). The best way to do this is with strength training and interval training. If you only have two to three hours a week to train, you can throw out those 45 minute joint killers you call cardio. Joint killers?? That's a topic for another ride...


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